Kanban System Design (KSD)

Course description

This course is aimed for those who want to acquire solid knowledge about the core of the Kanban method, and want to design or improve Kanban systems.

The Kanban Method is a management method to improve service delivery, catalyze improvements and evolve a business to be "fit for purpose". It uses concepts such as Lean to improve performance and streamline your professional activities and projects.

The Kanban Method is based on making visible what is otherwise intangible knowledge work, to develop a common understanding of the current way of working. We look at how things are working and where there are sources of dissatisfaction. Then improvements are identified and introduced. The Kanban System Design course provides the foundational background of The Kanban Method and then guides the students through the process of understanding their systems so they can design an appropriate Kanban system to meet their needs. By understanding the core concepts of The Kanban Method, you will be able to design a Kanban system to improve visibility, communication, and collaboration within your team.

Unlike some other more radical approaches, the Kanban Method adapts to your context and does not prescribe a one-size-fits-all predefined template. This adaptability reduces resistance to change.

Regardless of your current way of working (non-Agile, Agile, Scrum, SAFe, Scrumban...), if you currently work with teams that have “plateaued” and aren’t improving, this course will help you to design visual management that shows where improvement opportunities exist.

Kanban System Design is the reference training on the Kanban method. The training is provided by an Accredited Kanban Trainer.

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Anyone involved in the implementation of Kanban or its daily use, it includes but is not limited to:


No prerequisites are required to take part in this training.


The course is a mix of presentations, simulations, case studies, and exercises.

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